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Volition Cap Co-Founder, Subomi Plumptre, Joins Forbes A-list

Subomi Plumptre, the co-Founder and Chief Executive of Volition Cap, has been accepted into the Forbes Business Council, the foremost growth and networking organisation for successful global business owners and leaders.

The recognition came following Subomi`s cumulative business and social entrepreneurship achievements. Beyond her key role in managing the Volition ecosystem over the last six years, she has a track record in strategy, marketing, investment advisory and financial education. 

Commenting on the acceptance, Subomi said: “I am pleased to be honoured by Forbes Business Council and consider it a new opportunity to represent Volition Cap`s values within the global community of business leaders. Volition Cap has recently been issued a fund management licence by The Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission. My membership will create new opportunities for us to reach middle-class Africans and Diasporans.”

As a member of the Forbes Business Council, Subomi gains access to a network of leading business executives around the world and an opportunity to share thought leadership articles.